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Surface? That's not a multi-touch screen ...

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    .. this is a multi-touch screen

    clickable. apologies to Mr Dundee.

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    To be fair, Microsoft aren't really pushing the multi-touch thing as its feature. The videos released about surface have interviews with a company that has been doing multi-touch devices for years, and they have huge wall multi-touch devices they sell to governments and so on..

    Still, thats a cool screen.

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    They should have some motion sensor screens or eye sensor screens.

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    Another cool WPF app Smiley

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    anand.t wrote:

    They should have some motion sensor screens or eye sensor screens.

    Actually that could potentially be a very bad idea.

    It would be cool to have something like that to use for building workflows and business processes with users.

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    If you are feeling brave you can build your own surface, the guys at are selling transparent overlays, and you can probably get the rest of the pieces (or at least instructions) from NUIgroup.

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    .nl! That should save on the shipping for me. I'll check them out, thanks for the link.

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    Nitz Walsh

    PaoloM wrote:
    Another cool WPF app


    Now, if only MS would actually release some of their own for Vista, we'd have something. Smiley

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