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Text Flickering in Vista Ultimate Hold'Em

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    I just got my new machine up and running today with Vista Ultimate, and the first thing I did (after updates, of course) was open a game of Texas Hold'em up...all of the text was flickering...I couldn't tell what hardly anything said without staring at the spot where it was flickering.

    I have an NVIDIA 8800 GTS video Card, 2gb RAM - Any idea what is causing this?

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    Had the same problem, I solved it by updating my drivers.

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    beat me to it! I've become addicted Sad

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    For me, the text of the game itself does not flicker, but in case there is a tooltip of another window on top of it, the tooltip does flicker.

    I wish it had support for playing over the network. I wish I could use cards.dll in games of my own.

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