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Any thoughts on the Asus R1F Tablet?

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    I'm thinking about getting an ASUS R1F-K049E (after I save up.).  It looks pretty good.  It has a 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo processor, a 120 GB hard drive, a *slot loading* dual-layer DVD burner, 2 GB of RAM, card reader, and even a 2 year warranty.

    However, US$1,900 is a lot of money.  Can anyone comment on this tablet or Asus as a company?

    Thanks Niners. Wink

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    ASUS are one of the top Notebook mfgs in Taiwan. There are really only a handful of notebook mfgs (all China and/or Taiwan based) who produce all the notebooks on the market.

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    I have an R1F and like it a lot.  The CPU was bumped to 2GHz, memory to 2GB and HD to 100GB 7200rpm.  Pretty fast machine for something so portable.

    Some minor downsides: The case seems to scratch a bit easy (the gray paint scratches off), some of the covers on the bottom seem to flex a little which makes the unit feel less solid than it should, the soundcard has digital noise from the CPU and/or PS on it (most of the time this is not even noticable, and supposedly this is a problem with many portables). The stylus is know to get scratched up pretty quickly in the silo after inserting/removing it a few times. The graphics card is the slow-ish Intel version.  Once again, it seems most tablets have this chipset so not much you can do about that (although Vista Aero is quite smooth with all eye candy turned on).

    Well, those are quite a few negative points but all of them are really minor, and I don't think compared to other tablets this one is any worse.  I did a lot of research and this and I found this one to be the best for what I needed.

    At the time the only other tablet that got my attention was the Lenovo X61, but I wanted the built in optical drive and larger screen so I went for the R1F.

    Just thought I'd give you an honest view from someone that uses and loves the R1F.  I don't think you will go wrong going for the R1F.

    EDIT: I got my R1F from XoticPC. They allow you to customize the CPU (up to 2.33GHz), RAM (up to 2GB) and HD (up to 250GB)

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    I've got the absolute stock R1F (1.6GHz, 1GB Ram.)

    The battery life isn't what I'd hoped, only 2 hours on WiFi... I think it's been dropping of late, so I need to give support a call if that happens.

    Apart from that my only other complaint is that the stylus gets scratched going in and out of its holder. Which is a cosmetic issue.

    Those points aside, it's a fantastic machine, and I really like it. I especially liked the fact it came with quite a good case, a caddy for a second hard drive, and a bluetooth mouse. All minor things, but they made me smile.

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    Looks very interesting. I was thinking about getting this machine too. But maybe it's worth waiting for the Santa Rosa Update.

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    alwaysmc2 wrote:

    However, US$1,900 is a lot of money.  Can anyone comment on this tablet or Asus as a company?

    Thanks Niners.

    In europe, at least, ASUS's main market is manufacturing mobos. I've never had any major problems with an ASUS mobo but all the one I've used are fairly old.

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