As much as I like to bash Microsoft for poor marketing (correctly, in my opinion), I have to give some applause for a nice workflow.

Problem: I was planning on visiting someone today. I got a phone call from this person that they needed me to swing by a mutual friend's house to pick up a car seat for a baby (long story). I didn't know this mutual friend's new address, as they moved a few months ago.

1) I opened Outlook 2007 up. Updated my contact info with the new address.

2) I clicked on the Map icon at the top. It opened up my Web Browser to showing me where it was on the map.

3) I hovered over the address. A pop-up  bubble appeared offering for me to add driving directions. I did this.

4) I instantly got directions. I clicked on a button to "send to Mobile". I entered my phone number (and "save for later")

5) I got an SMS message on my phone almost instantaneously that had the link to the directions.

6) I clicked on the link. About 10 seconds later, directions and all appeared on my phone.

This whole thing took about 45 seconds.

Pretty darn cool.


Now, why can't Microsoft make a commercial showing people that they can do this? The general public likely thinks that only MapQuest, Yahoo Maps or Google Maps (double-true.. Smiley ) can do all this.

Make your presence known, Microsoft. Let people know the full functionality of your software!


Thanks for letting me rant.