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    What happened to hibernate?


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    I used hibernate a lot... set the default for my PC's button to hibernate, then when I was done doing something just push the button and OFF my pc went, not into some power consuming "sleep".

    Where'd it go, and how do i get it to happen!!

    (Also, trying to turn on via command line doesnt work... once again: I'm the one and only user. I'm the admin, end of. But I don't have permission??? powercfg -h ON [enter])

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    Hibernate has been replaced by Hybrid Sleep.

    Hybrid sleep combines sleep and hibernate. Its something like Powerdown Devices -> Write Memory To Disk -> Sleep.

    So if the power gets cut during sleep, when you turn the machine back on it resumes from hibernate.

    If you disable hybrid sleep from the advanced power settings you will get a hibernate option back in your menu, but it doesn't work quite the same as it did in XP.

    Its still more like
    Powerdown devices -> Write Memory To Disk -> Power Off.

    Which is annoying, because my laptop often gets stuck on the powerdown devices stage. So I find Hibernate on Vista is not as reliable as it used to be on XP.

    Also because it now shuts off the display at the start of the process there is no longer a progress bar to show how far it has got in writing the hibernation file.

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    Open the command prompt with admin privledges and it should work.

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