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View Thread: Wow they're taking this home branding for WHS seriously
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    BryanF wrote:
    So Microsoft's branding is cheesy and uninspiring to the point of contempt. On the bright side, they're pretty consistent.

    This actually does make an otherwise appealling product look somewhat unattractive. Who wants to use software that looks like it's trying to be an antidepressant commercial?

    That's actually not a bad image. It connects with a large demographic from an 'emotional' or, 'right-brain' angle. There is a little bit of cheese on it but, I think on balance it resonates with those that it reflects. I think it's also important to consider that companies like Microsoft have to architect their campaigns to appeal to an enormous audience so that rather than utilizing material that deeply resonates with any one niche, it is more important for them not to offend or alienate.