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Channel 9 Challenge--Stand and Deliver!

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    Fill Jeff's office with C9 Guys Smiley

    There's an idea. Smiley  Put it out to the Niners.

    I'll promise not to peak at this thread, maybe Charles and Rory can make a video.

    Ok folks, I am off to get the windshield repaired on my car and tomorrow we're heading on the road.  I'll be taking a bunch of photos (with 9 guys) and posting to my Flickr feed.  I should be updating my blog too.

    Have a great summer everyone and most importantly thank you.  

    You all have made Channel 9 what it is.

    See you in September.



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    Dr Herbie

    I say glue (with rubber based glue that comes off) C9 Guys to every flat surface - regardless of the surface's angle.

    Be sure he can still sit at the PC and work, of course ...


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    It isn't C9 specific, but if you purchase a couple-hundred dixie cups, place them all individually on his desk, staple them together, and fill them with water, he's not going to get to his desk any time soon.

    i.e    O = the top view of a cup


    staple each cup where they meet, right at the top.

    Once you fill them with water, it is impossible to remove them quickly, you have to use a straw or some other method to remove the water from each cup.

    Otherwise, you get much splishity-splashity

    It's harmless, but annoying.

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    I'll remember that one.Wink

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