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Internet Oveload?

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    Anybody here think that this is likely?

    Oh, and I want one of Cisco's 92terabit/second routers Tongue Out

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    The Internet backbones are rock-solid and will last at least another decade before needing to be upgraded.

    It's just at the ISP end where things are getting screwed up. In the UK it isn't so bad, but in the states it's pretty terrible (so much, in fact, that Verizon is rolling out fibre connections instead of DSL).

    Aparently sometime in the 90s, the US government paid the Baby Bell companies $$$ to modernise their infrastructure to make way for ubuiqitous high-bandwidth connections; but naturally they embezzled the money. Now that we need the connections, they're screwing us over with rediculously low monthly bandwidth limits and extortionate per-GB "bandwidth overdraft" fees.

    Just wait for mesh networks to get popular...

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