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Anyone had summer start yet?

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    To those above the equator.

    Not sure about anyone else, but it's been raining since before June and hasn't stopped here in Vancouver Sad

    My wife ain't gonna get into a bikini if it's 10 degrees out. Mad

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    I am currently in FL where summer never ends (96 and very humid atm).  I personally hate it and can't wait to move up north but that is just me Smiley

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    Hot as always here...

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    Jason Cox

    I'm in Cleveland and we've been sunny in the 90's for the past month or so.

    (it's typically ~70 this time of year I think)

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    Today (in Leeds, and all over the UK) it has rained almost constantly throughout the day with many flood warnings, and damage to property.

    (I haven't had to go outside today as I have been building my new computer [which seems to be working well Tongue Out], this is the first computer I have built fully, and I am pleased with it so far).

    Angus Higgins

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    Current Conditions

    Temperature: 103°F 39°C
    Conditions: Fair
    Winds: VAR 6 MPH VAR 10 KPH
    Relative Humidity: 6%
    Barometer: 29.93 Falling
    Visibility: 10.00 Miles 16.09 Kilometers
    Feels Like: 103°F

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    Montreal has been great today after two weeks of cold Smiley

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    Sven Groot

    It's supposed to be rainy season here (Tokyo) but so far it's just been hot and humid.

    We've had some days rain (today's one of them), which by the way doesn't mean it can't still be hot and humid, it's just not sunny. Tongue Out

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    Hi All,
    It rained all day yesterday non-stop.
    Several areas of my town(Sheffield,UK), were hit really bad with floods.
    See the site :
    The first picture is Brightside, down by Meadowhall.

    Apparently the River Don has burst its banks, and so did our local park, which took a little boys life Sad
    The weathermen say theres more coming over Thursday and Friday.


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    It's been raining a lot here too, but in those really violent thunderstorms that you only get in the summer. So I guess that means summer has started.

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    had a whale of a time this summer solstice weekend.


    Was at the ole glastonbury festival living it up in the rain and mud, twas great till monday morning when it pissed it down, packed up our gear in the rain and had to wait like 2 hours for a coach to take us to the train station.  this was in poring cold rain, there were alot of people there standing in their wet weather gear or lackof, with heavy wet camping equipment just shivering and no one helping.


    so yeah, summer isn't quite here yet.

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    I'm working in Beverley near Hull at the moment. Last night I had to drive through over a foot of water past flooded houses, trying to find a road out back towards York that was not shut. I finally got out but it took me a long time to get home.

    Near where my parents still live a reservoir nearly burst it banks. They were not evacuated but the next area along was.

    So no - no summer here Sad

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    Yes, enjoying a lovely summer here in the UK Big Smile

    I think this is all about context!

    Console.WriteLine("I'm enjoying the lovely " +Seasons.Summer.ToString() + "!");

    CultureInfo gb = new CultureInfo("en-GB");

    Console.WriteLine("I'm enjoying the lovely " +Seasons.Summer.ToString(gb) + "!");

    I'm enjoying the lovely Sunshine!
    I'm enjoying the lovely Rain!

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    Yesterday it was finally summer-like, sunny, dry and in the 20s here on this end of Nova Scotia.
    Today it's 16degrees and foggy.

    September is when the really good weather happens around here because in the summer it's either foggy or so hot and humid that you don't want to go outside.

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