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What does your team use for SCM and bug tracking?

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    I've been tasked with dragging our small web development shop (3 developers, 2 designers, 1 PM) into the current millenium.  When I got there 4 months ago as a contractor, there was no source code management, bug tracking was done via an Excel spreadsheet that was emailed around, etc.  For my own individual development, I have a Subversion server set up and I use that for projects, so I created a couple of repositories for the projects at work and we've been using that along with TortoiseSVN on our workstations.  I also found a free/open source, but VERY rudimentary (Lighthouse Pro, ColdFusion/MySQL) web-based bug tracking app that we used with a good level of success on a recent project.

    Rather than just assume that what I have set up us the best thing for a small team, I'd like to know what other small development teams are using.  We are a Windows-based shop, though the creative group uses Macs, with Windows servers.  While our primary technology is ColdFusion, we also do a bit of PHP and .NET web development and use both SQL Server and MySQL.  Our projects aren't so large that they need extremely robust release management functionality or that sort of thing, so SVN is probably a good way to go...but having looked at Trac and Bugzilla, I'm not too impressed with either one from a usability perspective.



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    Well I use a massive Word document "%projectName% TODO.doc" and occasionally Visual Studio's built-in Tasks pane.

    If you're using Team System, it's got built-in project management features, like Issue Tracking and the rest.

    I hear good things about OnTime though, give that a try.

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     Not sure about a SCM but I would actually recommend Excel for bug tracking.

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    more git

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    Dr Herbie

    We use our own bug tracking system written in .NET (known as 'The Beast') which ties in with our invoicing system.

    I haven't tried it myself, but FogBugz looks like it has everything you could ever want in a bug tracking system.  There's a 45-day trial as well.


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    I use Bugzilla v3 and I think it's not bad at all.

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    I use Mantis (from and not had any trouble with it for a long time.

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    I've used Subversion, CVS and PVCS as source control, and they've all got their own issues. I'm not sure whether Subversion or PVCS is the best of the lot.

    I've not been able to try Team Foundation Server, but it's sounds like it could be good.

    Previously I've used custom Access databases, which never worked and Bugzilla which worked alright. Currently work have their own change management software, which is essentially bugzilla but integrated into our systems.

    Bugzilla works alright, but I never had to administer it Wink

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    I don't currently have a source control system setup, but right now I use sharepoint for bug tracking and project organization. It works pretty well.

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