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    JChung2006 wrote:

    From DouglasH's link of Eric Meijer's Xtech 2007 paper:

    Eric Meijer wrote:
    On both the client and the server, we do not assume the existence of a native .NET runtime. Instead we will target any available existing runtime. In particular we anticipate that the client is a browser that supports JavaScript, and we have implemented a complete deep embedding of MSIL into JavaScript.

    Umm, wow!  Is this Nikhil Kothari's Script# he's talking about, or is Eric talking about something deeper than that?

    JavaScript, this generation's assembly language... Steve Yegge of Google ported Rails to JavaScript via Rhino.

    Work comes from the tesla group.  here is a link that describes some of it from earlier work.

    It is from that group where Linq to xsd is coming from also.