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    SecretSoftware wrote:
    littleguru wrote:
    John Melville, MD wrote:
    Check out TransactionScope.  It does this exact function (minus some trivial flow control) without modifying the language, which most of us view as a bad thing anyway.

    Yes, Secret should have a look at that. It's already in .NET and shouldn't be integrated into .NET. What would be cool - and will come - is more stuff to target multi core cpus!

    Thanks John, and littleguru, I am certainly going to take a look at that.

    As for more stuff that tharget multi-core cpus, MS talked about that in a general term, but they are silent on how they go about doing it.

    I guess we have to wait and see .

    They have talked about it through Plinq. which includes support for transactions at the language level also (I think, will have to look into that more, I know polyphonic C# had some transactional support).

    Check out Eric Maijer's paper's on thoughts of Linq 2.0 and problems that need to be solved there.

    from xtech 2007,
    or his web site which has some white papers. 

    The primary language features discussed are "Just as we provided deep support for XML in Visual Basic, in LINQ 2.0 we hope to directly support relationships and updatable views at the programming-language level."

    More later as I have time. but concurrency and solveing the last mile issue of the impedance Mismatch (which will apparently add language features) on on the table and has been discussed several times.