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View Thread: Yes or No: are humans naturally moral?
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    Larsenal wrote:
    ScanIAm wrote:
    I would suggest (as others have done, also) that we don't get into this.  I respect your right to believe, but I do not and will not respect your actual beliefs.  This cannot end well, and it has only a cursory pertinence to the topic.
    For the sake of avoiding the dreaded thread lock, I agree with Scan.  (However, billh, our actual beliefs are likely similar.)
    Okay, fine. Intellectual arguments are nice and all that, and there certainly is plenty of room for them in this particular area, but the evidence is quite ample if you actually would take the time to discuss it with missionaries who have returned from various countries, and have seen actual miracles. Edit: They are given to people to help them believe and the did not end with the beginnings of the church in the New Testament era.

    So back to the original topic...humans do have a natural sense of morals. Whether they act on them is another thing.