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View Thread: Microsoft has nowhere to run; Developers leaving Windows desktop
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    corona_coder wrote:
        Great article and I agree 100% with the author.  Microsoft cannot and willnotl survive open source. we are winning.  We are dwindling their marketshare, the OSS projects put out better software.  This comes from Government officials as well.  I predict in 2015 there will be no Microsoft, in 2009 OS/2 will have more marketshare than Windows.

    I predict that Linux will continue to suffer a minimalistic user base until someone releases a distro with:
     - Good OOBE experience
     - Native support for Windows apps (no emulation)
     - Significant, or even noticable, support from Game developers

    XP has been long enough to garner respect and support from a great deal of the world as a whole. It will be around long after 2009. 

    Around 2008 (it pains me to say) Vista will have the most significant market penetration, followed by Vienna, Singularity, and whatever Microsoft does next.

    You wanna troll Windows? Go do it on an anti-Windows forum. Nobody likes you here.