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    phreaks wrote:
    So I am kicking the habit.

    Today is Day 1. Actually it's really only been about 10 hours since my last smoke ( at 1:00 am last night), but I could really, really use one now.

    I have a meeting in about 8 minutes, it should be very interesting as I am having a hard time concentrating on anything other than how much I want a juicy cigarette.

    Yumm, Marlboro's...

    Any have any quit tips?

    This is just too spooky. I decided to quit smoking yesterday after 10 years. I've tried to quit previously only to last maybe a few days but maybe this time I'd kick it.

    I also started a personal blog of my own, kinda like a journal on which I keep track of the various stuff going on in my mind while trying to quit. The one thing I found out after trying to quit a few times before was that I never know why I failed. Maybe the journal would help, and besides it's kinda theraputic since I get the thoughts of smoking out by typing it out on the blog.

    The only advice I can give you is to have lots and lots of distractions around you. Whenever you feel like smoking distract yourself, keep your mind occupied. And cary lots and lots of chewing gum around, the sugar free ones. They help and when cravings hit bad they can be the only thing that may stop you from lighting up.

    Since I never successfully kicked the habit, advice from a guy in the same boat wont make sense... but just thought I'd give my 2c.

    Best of luck to you...