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    It seems to me that Yahoo are having a few issues with keeping their servers up over in the US... There are reports from China that they have been down for up to 12 hours before now, and I've just tried accessing and that's down at the moment along with (Update: Flickr is also down... )

    The even more ironic thing in this story is that the site is still up and running but there seems to be no place to report such issues, so there is the possibility that they haven't even noticed or been informed.

    I wonder how long it will be until MS and Google pick up on the issue... and what about the Register....

    I know that earlier today the HotLan-A Trojan hit Yahoo and Hotmail email accounts so maybe they have had the main servers pulled down whilst they sort the issue out... All that being said... surely they have some sort of solid disaster recovery plan!  Interestingly the MS Hotmail site is still up and running.

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    c|net is reporting spotty problems on the East Coast and specialized apps like iPhone stocks and weather.

    Yahoo sites on the fritz Friday morning?

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