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    Colin Angus Mackay

    I'm going to be down on the M4 corridor (towards the London end) in a couple of weeks for work. Anyone up for a get together on Saturday 28th July?

    If you are interested any ideas on what to do? I organised a get together in London 3 years back and we went to the Science Museum followed by dinner. It was a great day out and a great chance to meet fellow geeks/software developers/technolgists.

    If I get enough interest there is a possibility of hiring somewhere and getting a couple of speakers along (although given the time frame I'd need to know soon)

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    I'll be in London that weekend at the Red Bull Air Race that weekend so will be in the city.  It should be a good weekend.  If anyone else is about and wants to catch up that evening for a geeky evening I'm up for it.

    C u in the city Colin, let me know what you end up planning.

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    I'm also down for the Air Races (tickets for the Sunday) so would be intreast if there is something going on on Saturday.

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    Skriker V1.0

    Yeah, I may be up for that.

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    Yeah, I was quite tempted to go down for the air race, so I'll probably be about.

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    Darn, I will actually be in London then, but it's not likely to be for that long as we'll be catching the train back home on Saturday. (Me and the wife that is)

    Besides, the whole weirdness of putting faces to internet "voices" is freaky.

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    Colin Angus Mackay

    It looks like I was jumping the gun a bit. I'm not going to be down at the weekend after all. However, if anyone is up for meeting on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening (23, 24 or 25 July) then I'd be around (Maidenhead) for that.

    However, don't let that stop you all meeting on the Saturday anyway if you want to.

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