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    jamie wrote:
    well if you are sending out emailed nda info - a good start might be to put at the top of the email - in bold in red - "protected content / nda / do not post"

    and yes.. i just checked - re-read entire email - there was no mention of the list being proprietary info which is why i thought it was regular marketing/tech email

    Not that you need me to defend you but you're right.  There was no mention in the e-mail or on the connect portal that the information was sensitive in any way.  I'm in the same program.  The reaction sparked by your post was a bit over the top.

    Some programs I've been a part of have very clearly stated the sensitivity of certain information, other don't.  It probably depends on the group maintaining the portal for that project.

    My general rule of thumb is to treat all information on Connect as sensitive, NDA or not.  Keeps me out of trouble.  Mileage may vary, etc.