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View Thread: Mac OS X with 100 bugs still safer than Windows
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    Nitz Walsh

    From the article:

    ZdNet fluff wrote:

    However, despite all these vulnerabilities, the Mac's resilient platform, its advanced automatic software update tools and the apparent lack of attention from malware authors means Apple users are far safer from attack than users of Windows.

    Uh...excuse me?  Advanced automatic software update tools?  As a Mac admin for the better part of the last 4 years, I would have loved to see OSX Update anywhere close to the level of Windows update.  The complete lack of un-installing patches is laughable (especially as one broke our network binding which was not revealed in testing), not to mention the average size and seemingly complete lack of QoS for network bandwidth throttling (albet I can't confirm this).  There's little that's "advanced" at the way OSX updates - heck the size alone of the patches released in a year dwarfs what MS puts out.

    Edit: Oh, no way to automatically install OSX updates either.  You can download them, but the user still has to initiate the install unless they're using Apple's software update service on a local server.

    Yes.  Very "advanced" (cough.)

    The article is stating the obvious; malware writers don't target a platform with a tiny market share like the Mac has currently in relation to Windows.  Well, duh.  Regardless, Vista makes things so difficult for malware writers I'm not even sure if that will continue to be the case.