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    Dr Herbie wrote:
    leeappdalecom wrote:
    W3bbo wrote:

    But lets not kid ourselves. A lot of contractors and other "code-monkeys" don't have formal education in computational science...

    What is your problem with people who don't have a computer science degree?

    I agree with leeappdalecom, W3bbo.
    A computer science degree is not necessary to work as a developer.  In fact, only 10 years ago, I knew of some contracting companies that actively avoided CS graduates because "they can't program Windows".  My old employer Tessella, employs graduates in non-CS subjects because it's easier to teach a chemist to program than to teach a programmer about chemistry.

    No problem, but there's far more incompetant self-titled "developers" with no formal training who are giving other programmers (both self-taught and formally instructed) a bad name.

    Dr Herbie wrote:
    So what exactly do you think you learned in your CS degree that us non-CS graduates don't know? Microchip architecture?  Compiler theory? Matrix algebra?  Which of these areas of advanced CS knowledge do you think the average developer needs?

    Well, seeming as I don't have a degree yet... Wink

    But knowing a lot about computational science fundamentals makes more higher-level topics easier to comprehend (try explaining Functional programming to someone who'se only done VB, for example). But yeah, I can understand if a CS degree isn't necessary to do one's job,.

    Dr Herbie wrote:
    So W3bbo, I'll just put that remark down to "the arrogance of youth".  In fact, I'll put the whole post down under that heading because it was, in fact, pretty arrogant to tell people what stance to take on any subject.

    I also happen to be a total bástard, not just the arrogance of youth Smiley

    BTW, about the doctorate thing. It's not that I'd like to work in MSR (amongst other places), but because I personally want to make a difference in the CS arena (and have an algorithm named after me). Call it a "Catholic calling" or something, I couldn't live with a "simple" job (no matter how well it paid), I'd be happy with a modest salary, yet churning out dozens of white papers. Probably something Fruedan to do with the lack of respect I had when I was younger.