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    blowdart wrote:
    If you read the blog entry then I think you're missing the point. That's exactly what the development community doesn't need.

    What you're suggesting is totally unrealistic.  Turn off Google?  Yeah right, man.

    I disagree with programming elitists like that guy you linked to in your blog and maybe you, too. We need to make coding easier, or more specifically, we need to make quality coding easier and more accessible, because -- guess what, pal? -- we need lots of good programmers, and we don't have them.

    Take a look at the medical profession to see what you're proposing. There's a higher bar of entry to become a doctor. There's also a ridiculous shortage of good doctors in the world. So we can continue along as we are, or we could try to make medicine easier to practice so that we can try to lower the bar of entry without sacrificing quality.