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    Rossj wrote:
    wkempf wrote:
    Chinmay007 wrote:

    You are free to your opinion, but calling people like Rossj a troll is incredibly immature.

    Ya know, I didn't call him a troll.  Go read what I said again.  I stand by what I said, and I believe the thread in question bears it out.  To be honest, I didn't check who started the thread when I followed your link.  Knowing other things he's posted here, I'm confident his intent was not to troll.  But the post itself was certainly of the caliber of many troll posts.  In this case, it's actually a frustrated rant,

    Exactly true, frustrated rant trying to make a point about Windows being all things to all people, but put across so annoyingly badly (in my despair) that it turned into a bad thread - if, indeed, it didn't actually start out as one.

    I post threads like that from time to time because I get incredibly frustrated with Windows and Microsoft, and C9 is the only outlet I have for that frustration where I would hope there are people to calm me down

    And, if kept to some degree of modicum (I think you did in that post, which is why I described it the way I did), then I don't think there's anything wrong with occasional rants.  It can be productive.

    There's just two things for me to say about it, though.

    1.  With the prevelance of trolls we have now, such rants are much more likely to be taken wrong and less likely to produce any meaningful discussion, as that thread illustrated.

    2.  The thread is still not any indication of the hypothesis in question Smiley.