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    W3bbo wrote:
    Without naming names, I think it's worth pointing out there's a sight too many near-blind Microsoft bítches, people who seem to follow Microsoft as if it were the Christ. You know who you are.

    You should stop ignoring the competition (from all angles be it ideological alternatives like GNU vs Permissive vs Propriety, or alternative implementations like FreeBSD or OSX).

    For instance, those extolling the virtues of C# in education, whilst ignoring Java's advantages and other "real-world" problems where Java is best suited over C# (the CLR is not a strict superset of the JVM). You people are more advocational than Microsoft's own employees, even those of the NIH variety. Microsoft's own developers have said they use emacs or vim over VS; so how can you pímp VS like it's a panacea for any development ail. Different people have different requirements.

    Kill your neowin RSS feed and subscribe to something less Microsoft orientated. MS is but one company in an ecosystem, why are you ignoring the other big players like IBM, Sun (they do more than Java y'know), and Oracle?

    Ultimately you're hurting everyone you prosetylze, if you're successful in your evangelism then you're limiting your convert's employment propects. There are next to zero MS-only shops, it's in everyone's interest to become familiar with "foreign" technology. I already regret not getting to grips with Linux earlier on in life, for example.

    Microsoft is a publically traded company, its loyalties are to the shareholders, not customers or partners. It just so happens that the
    best way to please the shareholders is by making software good enough that it sells, not excellent or boutique software though. It's kind of like evolution via natural selection, changes are passed down only if the organism can reproduce succesfully, nothing else matters (so bachelor academics are dooming the human race whilst idiots reproduce like rabbits). Point is, there's very little incentive to create an "excellent" product, even less so when you already have a de-facto vertical monopoly with little competition in the same marketspace.

    So tone it down. Recommend Microsoft or any other's products when appropiate, but consider Microsoft (and any other company/organisation/rag-tag team of hippies) is not perfect. Don't recommend one product with "two thumbs up" without judging it in cimparison to the competition. (So don't diss Java without using it for as long as you've been using the CLR, for example. Or Expression without trying Creative Suite.

    While I agree that most eco-systems arn't, or even shouldn't be, homogeneius, I still find it ironic because this same kind of evangalism goes on in the mac and linux communities too.  While the Mac community is typically driven by fanboy product hype, the Linux community borderlines on insane zealotism.

    Perhaps the MS love is just backlash to the extreme nature of the linux community.  Hell, after reading any of corona_coder's posts I feel like loading up Microsoft Bob just to spite the kid.