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    anand.t wrote:
    What is the problem with some one recommending using c# in java?? If a programmer is going to come out of school and say he cant work in java because he did not learn it at school how many companies would be ready to take him.  The same vice versa. Study the concept at school be it using c++ or java or c# or small talk.

    I never said this was a problem. I'm all for informing people of alternatives, including fresh-otta-uni grads about the CLR and vice-versa: VBbers who've touched a keyword of Fortran.

    But lets not kid ourselves. A lot of contractors and other "code-monkeys" don't have formal education in computational science, I'm surprised how far you can stretch knowledge of MS Access, for example I happened accross a contractor on £600 a day developing solutions in Access (for an MDB, not an ADP) in Spain, doing 3 days a week work but getting paid for 4.