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    Bas wrote:
    mig wrote:
    I don't condone piracy but I don't see anything wrong with what he is doing. Vista gives the user a 30 day grace period to use the software before purchasing a license.

    That's great for Windows users. If Apple doesn't give people that option for OSX, then that's too bad. If you don't agree with the rules, don't use the software. Just because a license doesn't provide a rule that would make sense to you, doesn't mean you can just pretend it exists anyway.

    OK, so it's "too bad", yet "too bad" isn't stopping the person that wants to run OS X from running it. I am not saying it is right, however it will be done and if it gets Apple another sale all is good, otherwise send a lawyer after them, which isn't even worth it unless they are selling it forward. I am not pretending rules are not there, I am just stating an opinion. This is not a simple subject to tackle, but everything has it's exceptions, depending on the severity and scale that determine the circumstances.

    Going to an Apple store for 30 minutes is not the same as running a system for 10 days and then making an informed decision. I see this as a flaw in Apple's business model, but that is nothing new from Apple so it doesn't phase me that users have to resort to this to use their software. I personally see Apple as a group of lazy developers that lock their software to specific hardware becuase they don't have the resources (or skill) to support the plethora of PC hardware that Windows supports and then they criticize Windows for whatever little nack they find, mind you their software only runs on a limited number of machines.  Pathetic.

    But again, I rambled about something completely off topic.  My opinion remains that I would use the software for a trial period and purchase if I wanted to keep it, remove and go about my business if I didn't. That is just me though.