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    "I used a real Macintosh (G5 workstation) in the photoshop class once but it was a very limited experience. Couldn't do any advanced things like open the console or play with settings." This is what happens when someone does not bother to try to use something correctly. You wanted to do advanced things, nothing prevent you to do that on OS X, this is a Unix operating system, so just go and open the terminal application and you've got a console right in the Unix world that allows you to do whatever settings you want. Not only can use all the glory of Unix console (windows console is a joke in comparison) but moreover you can activate hidden OS X features as you wish. Next time please check before trolling. Also for the person who got OS X to install on a regular pc, be aware that doing so is not supported and don't expect that everything will work correctly or as on a mac. Don't come here later to say us that this or that does not work, if you try to use the full glory of OS X, try it on a mac, this OS is built with hardware integration in mind.