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View Thread: How do Atheists find hope?
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    odujosh wrote:
    billh wrote:
    odujosh wrote:
    Christian nations have done amoral things throught history. Thus you cannot demean a group based off your own ideals. For your group does not always hold to the same ideal.
    Define "Christian nation". And being "Christian" does not mean a person is without fault...quite the contrary, it's actually an admission in many ways that you can never be truly "faultless" by your own abilities. And, as stated before, many things have been done in the name of one religion or another...that does not change the core truth one bit.

    Take any medieval european country. Ruled by the theocracy by extension of the king. If you ask any historian thats why the pilgrims came to america to get away from religious persicution. Guess who instigated that?
    Although I'm not well versed on Pilgrim history, didn't they carry much of those beliefs overseas with them?