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View Thread: Minor Vista Issues *****Resolved*****
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    Lloyd_Humph wrote:
    I have yet to confirm that, I haven't rebooted yet; but I wouldn't need to now I've turned it back on.

    I'm going on the assumption this thread has given me; that turning UAC off would give me ultimate access to every file on my computer; which is what I want.

    This thread gave you nothing of the sort. The only way to get access to every file on your computer is by using the SYSTEM account (that you can't, because it doesn't allow interactive sessions).

    Regarding c:\users\<username>\Application Data and c:\users\<username>\Cookies, those are not folders. They are there exclusively for backwards compatibility and they're junctions (not mere shortcuts) to other folders in your user directory. For example, c:\users\<username>\Application Data is a junction to c:\users\<username>\AppData, while c:\users\<username>\Cookies is a junction to c:\users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Cookies (if I remember correctly).

    Trust me, we're not complete idiots and we, in general, have no special desires to lock you out of your files. If something doesn't behave as you would expect, stop for a second and, before throwing a fit, think why that would be the case or come here and ask. I'll be happy to answer (if I can Smiley)