Dylan Copeland wrote:

PaoloM wrote:

Dylan Copeland wrote:
Get a Zune......NOT.

Why not? The device has the best UI out there. But it wouldn't satisfy the OT requirements.
Dylan Copeland wrote:
How about a 5.5g iPod video?

See OT requirements. Besides, iPod -> iTunes. iTunes -> crap.

The Zune? Lulz. It's HUGE. I could not image putting that in my pocket. Not even my jacket pocket. And the "click wheel" on it is a pure rip off of the iPod's. If apple didn't have a patent on it, Microsoft would've put touch-sensetivity on it.

iTunes is not the only application that can sync with the iPod. I mean, we all see how successfull "Plays For Sure" was with WMP.

Plus, I can play Tetris, PacMan, and many other games on the 5.5g iPod video.

I don't think it is that big. I don't run with it though, so I guess it isn't too much of an issue for me. I mainly use it in the car... all 2hr's of driving... eech!

I didn't realize that Apple patented the circle!
I had other Plays For Sure mp3 players and I liked them. I was able to try out other music services and dump them at will.

I'll stick to my PSP/roms thanks.

Besides that, being able to watch wide screen movies on my zune is pretty cool. I do that sometimes too...