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Anyone know what "Gatineau" is?

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    ok - this is odd, I'm on firefox latest version.

    I was on walmart and selected a previous site ( - I ended up at the logout screen where I was logged out automatically from all my live services then redirected to a site called:

    "Gatineau" - it looks like the live login it even has the correct url but it isn't secure but it did have my login name ... ???? It's definately an MS site but un-secure?? and why did it hi-jack my browser like that ...


    maybe this is something else ... I tried my url again and got the adcenter without this prompt so something is up.


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    The J

    I searched Google and found this:

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    Thanks - I guess that makes sense, some wording on their site would be nice. Maybe they turned it on by mistake.


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    Jon Monreal

    Seems strange, especially since it worked the second time.

    I can't seem to be able to find any information on anything site called "Gatineau", however I did find information on Wikipedia. I knew there was a city in Quebec with the same name.

    Here's what Wikipedia says:

    Gatineau can mean:

    • Gatineau, a city in Quebec, Canada;
    • Gatineau (electoral district), a federal riding in the city of Gatineau, Quebec;
    • Gatineau (provincial electoral district), a provincial riding in the city of Gatineau, Quebec and the Upper Gatineau Valley;
    • Gatineau River, a river in western Quebec which joins the Ottawa River at the city of Gatineau, Quebec;
    • Gatineau Privilege, a monopoly introduced to limit the cutting of timber along the Gatineau River in Lower Canada from 1832 to 1843.
    • Gatineau Park, a federal park located in western Quebec on the outskirts of the city of Gatineau;
    • Gatineau Hills, a geological formation in Canada that makes up part of the southern tip of the Canadian Shield, and acts as the northern shoulder of the Ottawa Valley;
    • Félix Gatineau, a historian and a politician in Southbridge, Massachusetts; and
    • Chemins de Fer Québec-Gatineau, a railway line between Quebec City, Trois-Rivières, Laval, Lachute and Gatineau.

    At any rate, it might help if you could find the site in your history and post a link to it.

    EDIT: Thanks TheJ, I tried Windows Live Search thinking that might work better trying to find a Microsoft site.

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