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View Thread: Best Profiler for .NET
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    rahsoftware wrote:

    I'm just looking into .NET profilers, what do people recommend has anybody got any experience with profilers?, I'm thinking of ANTS Profiler?

    I need one that does not crash my IDE every two minutes, I had downloaded CodeRush from Dev Express to use for a VB.NET app and it killed Visual Studio and the hotfix didn't work so stability is important to.

    Anyway, any advice i'd love to here it.


    The profiler built into VS 2005 Team Dev is pretty good and it's performant (just as important as stable).

    I've had some serious performance issues with ANTS for 2005 (it worked great for 2003 though). As a note, I haven't done much performance profiling in probably close to a year, so ANTS might be much better now. Also, our application is very large, ANTS probably works much better with a smaller application.