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    3 year warranty on XBOX 360, and they are generally back to you in a week when sent in for repair.

    I have 2 XBOX's (I use them for Media Center/Gaming) and my main one is used for around 6-10 hours per day for well over a year. It failed soon after buying it, got it repaired and has been fine since.

    I also own a PS3, and dont know about you guys in the US, but in Australia there is only around 10 games, most of which i have already played months ago on the XBOX. Also, here, PS3 games from EB Games cost up to $119AU ($105US) which is an absolute rip off.

    The other reason XBOX is more popular at my house, is by far most of my friends have had xboxes since before the PS3 launch, so if i buy a game available for both platforms in PS3 format, i cant play it with my friends or unlock any achievements (achievements were a great trick my MS to make sure you keep buying XBOX games!)

    Xbox kicks (I need to watch my language), wii is a short lived novelty, and I am just waiting for a reason to turn my PS3 back on.


    PS3 has no game as good as Gears of Wars graphics (yet of course)
    PS3 has no rumble
    PS3 does not include a HD cable
    PS3 has only 1 year warranty (in Australia anyway)
    PS3 is not a media center extenderPS3 controllers dont have a headset jack (i hate people using wireless headsets on both xbox live and psn cause they often have that interferaing buzz)
    PS3 controllers still have problems (just check there are dozens of threads)

    However, the PS3 will be a sweet machine eventually when the developers get the sh!t together and start pumping out some killer games.

    yeah, i play too many games....