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View Thread: New Blue Badge at Microsoft Australia or Not?
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    Maybe it is just because I live in San Francisco and there are plenty of unique people running around anyways, but I know (on a personal basis) of at least four women who work (have worked) in IT that either still currently model or have in the past. One of which was/is actually an adult film star who used to work for LexisNexis. I know she didn't exactly code there, but she did build her first website in PHP and I know she wrote a few apps in Java that she showed me.

    I understand that Microsoft did not actually hire Erin McNaught, but I really do not see what the issue is. I don't think it "lowers" the career field to toss something like this in the mix. I encounter less women in software development than I did in the Marine Corp. I can certainly attest to the fact that females are more than competant at doing those jobs when compared to their male counterparts. So, why not break down the barrier image of what development is all about?

    Plenty of women geek out, the field in general should be more inviting IMHO.