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View Thread: Has anyone has their vision fixed with LASIK?
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    blowdart wrote:
    out180 wrote:
    blowdart wrote:
    One day they'll work out how to treat -12.


    They fixed mine with ICLs (Implantable Collamer Lenses).  Eyesight recovery was nearly instant.  I could see on the operating table as soon as they unfolded the lens.  As a bonus they can be removed later or touched up with Lasik if the correction isn't perfect.  Took me from minus a lot to 20/15 after four weeks.  I was 20/25 by the next day.  Of course, like everything, there are risks.  ICLs present a different set of risks such as possible early onset cataracts.

    Yea, I've seen the prices for that. And cataracts? I don't think my vanity goes far enough to risk that.

    It wasn't too much more at the surgery clinic I went to.  I think the difference was $200 per eye, although I could be mistaken.

    I took a considerable amount of time to weigh the risks, including the possibility of early onset cataracts.  After a couple dozen of years of headaches, heavy glasses on my nose, and horrible hard contact experiences I decided to go forward.  So far so good.  If it bites me later then I can't say I wasn't warned.  If I do get cataracts later in life they'll pull the ICLs and put in a crystals lens, or whatever is used at that time.  It's a very tough choice that everyone should take a considerable amount of time to consider.