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View Thread: Windows Live SkyDrive Beta (the new name for Folders)
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    Bas wrote:

    This is bizarre. If I go to the SkyDrive site, I get a completely localised (Dutch) page touting the advantages of Live SkyDrive (in other words, it's not a generic 'Live Beta Page' translation). But when I click 'Start Sharing,' I get the message that it's not available for my region.

    Good job guys. Not allowing a certain location access because the product isn't localised is wacky enough, but localising a product for a location you're not supporting is even more incredible.

    I just found this on their blog, it appears the only new countries are the UK and India (doesn't explain why you got a Dutch page though):

    Windows Live Folders Team Blog wrote:
    Third, we’re excited to introduce SkyDrive in two additional regions: UK and India.