Larry Osterman said:

Funny Smiley.  That's actually a bug in the v5 common controls.  If your app is manifested to use the v6 common controls it won't happen.


The problem is that a bug fix made during Windows XP wasn't included in Win2K3.  The Win2K3 code was used to create Windows Vista and when the teams merged the Windows XP bug fixes into Win2K3, they missed this bug fix. 


I found it early in the Win7 timeframe because someone reported that their windows forms app was misbehaving after they'd set the common control select sound to a value then removed the value.


Needless to say, it's fixed in Win7.


"Needless to say" ? Given that Microsoft hardly ever fix bugs like this I'd say it would be more accurate to say "Amazingly, it's fixed in Win7".