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    Larry Osterman said:
    jon_potter said:

    That's not true at all.  We actually spend a LOT of time working on F&F bugs like this one, especially when it's annoying.


    The tricky part is finding them (seriously).  I was fortunate that someone had a reliable reproduction that I could debug - often it's very hard to figure this stuff out.


    I think people overestimate how easy it is to reproduce certain bugs. I once had a bug in Visual Studio related to floating tool windows across multiple monitors. DevDiv couldn't repro it at all, and they didn't have any other bug reports. Finally they found somebody on the Windows team who was having the same problem.


    There's still a bug related to tool windows that I've been getting in VS2005, 2008, and now 2010, but It seems that there's no reliable way to repro it. It seems that there are a lot of bugs that defy concentrated dubugging and just sit around waiting for an "Aha!" moment. I know I've had that happen in my own code.


    BTW: Larry, I really like your blog, and how you describe the way you work through some of these bugs that come across your desk. It's cool to get inside the thought processes involved.