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    ScanIAm wrote:
    MB wrote:
    I see... so a general dissenting comment (which was not actually directed at anyone specific) that unqualified legal commentary is of little virtue... is not only out of place but is worthy of this vitriol ?

    You didn't dissent, you essentially said that we are all unqualified to even discuss it.

    Then, you repeated yourself, for effect.

    Don't pick a fight if you can't handle the outcome.
    I didn’t “pick a fight” - That's entirely your interpretation.

    I simply said: “I love it when programmers pretend to be lawers.” (sic)

    Rjdohnert decided this was directed at him, and went all “taxi-driver” on me.

    I then restated my comment for clarification, but this obviously has the opposite to intended effect.

    What followed from there was a series of stupid abuse/justification/abuse posts.

    I won’t continue to dig this hole any deeper.