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I'm back

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    Hey, people -

    Some of you may have noticed that I went missing for a few weeks. Coworkers sent links to threads and messages in which you pondered my disappearance.

    It's all pretty simple. I had what I think was a nervous breakdown. I had always wondered what the term meant. I guess it's one of those things that you can't define until you've had one.

    Since then, I've been diagnosed (for the fifth time) as being bipolar. I always ignored this diagnosis because I didn't want it to be true.

    However, on the right meds (lithium and lamictal), I've come around a bit. Feeling much more stable than I think I've ever felt. No drugs in my system. Quitting one antidepressant that I don't need. After that, it'll just be the bipolar meds.

    I'm now coming back to Microsoft on a partial medical leave of absence. That's the long version of "I'm going to work four hours a day until I'm not as crazy."

    I feel like I'm starting over entirely. I've sort of forgotten how to do my job, and I almost went into the women's restroom today. It was the pink tile work that saved me from going any farther than the doorway.

    So. Yeah.

    That's where I've been.

    I think it's good to be back, but it's too early to tell. I'm cautiously optimistic about things around here, but it might be that corporate life isn't for me (not this team specifically - these are the best people I've ever worked with).

    OK. That's about it.


    - Rory

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    WB. ttyl. gbtw.

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    Jason Cox

    Good to have you back, Rory!

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    Welcome back.

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    Hey Rory. Welcome back.

    First of all, first always (and by always I mean always) look at how you are! I know you knew that, but I just wanted to be sure, you knew it Wink

    Next look how you like work. Don't overdo it in the beginning... as you said 4 hours - I think that's quite enough to start with.

    Always keep some time for yourself to relax and enjoy nature, if you can and if you enjoy that. If not get something else you enjoy and do that - like me doing lumber work - well until a few months I didn't even know I liked it, but since I did it, I like it... I guess you get the point.

    Relax, take it easy and take your medicine Smiley Did you ever try homeopathic stuff? Not the very low doses, but the higher one? I have heard from people that they help with all kinds of things...

    And last but not least: great to have you back! Give us, nervous nerds, some videos about some other geeks that work at Microsoft. But don't overdo it and look at how you are first - well you know...

    Btw. since you left some of the trolls have also left. It's gone better now here on C9. I guess that might also help you to avoid another nervous breakdown! (saves me and, I'm sure, some others some nervs too)

    *cough* Jolene *cough* Blalock *cough* rox0rs

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    It's good to have you back Smiley

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    Wooohoo, Rory's back! Big Smile

    Good to see you back aboard.

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    I hope you don't take this the wrong way...but it's amazing how many people try to seek fufillment via a career, money, friendships, a bottle, whatever.

    They never really find it.

    So, my advice is rather simple.

    Find God. 

    P.S. Yes, He does actually exist, and no, belief doesn't mean abandoning your intellect or your coding abilities.

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    Glad you are back, Rory.

    We beleive in you and you know that. Find peace and friends.

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    Welcome back.

    So, when will the Niners be seeing you in a video? Tongue Out


    An significance to your new avatar?

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    Hey There Rory!!!

    this is Denny from the old DotNetRocks when you and carl had the chat room during the live recording and all that...

    Google Weirdos !

    Glad to hear things are looking better ... I hope things keep getting better and all that.

    I know from my own exp. we all have our share of "Personal issues" so do not feel you are alone, we all have them just each of us has a different set of them to struggle with.

    Good to hear from you on C9 again, looking forward to more "Posted By Rory" around here!!!

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    The things some people will say or do to conceal an alien abduction....

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    Well come captain Smiley Hope you feel a lot better. Probably you ought to immerse yourself into work and forget the past. hmmm lets start with a gates interview Cool

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    Its good to have you back.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Yay for Rory!

    Welcome back! Big Smile

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    Welcome back Rory. Take it easy this time and remember to have lots of fun. A healthy balance is the key! Wink

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    WB Rory..hang in there...just remember there are a ton of people wishing you the best.

    Tnks for the honest update..very few people are brave enough to really share what's going on with's one of your unique qualities that people embrace.

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