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    Hey Rory. Welcome back.

    First of all, first always (and by always I mean always) look at how you are! I know you knew that, but I just wanted to be sure, you knew it Wink

    Next look how you like work. Don't overdo it in the beginning... as you said 4 hours - I think that's quite enough to start with.

    Always keep some time for yourself to relax and enjoy nature, if you can and if you enjoy that. If not get something else you enjoy and do that - like me doing lumber work - well until a few months I didn't even know I liked it, but since I did it, I like it... I guess you get the point.

    Relax, take it easy and take your medicine Smiley Did you ever try homeopathic stuff? Not the very low doses, but the higher one? I have heard from people that they help with all kinds of things...

    And last but not least: great to have you back! Give us, nervous nerds, some videos about some other geeks that work at Microsoft. But don't overdo it and look at how you are first - well you know...

    Btw. since you left some of the trolls have also left. It's gone better now here on C9. I guess that might also help you to avoid another nervous breakdown! (saves me and, I'm sure, some others some nervs too)

    *cough* Jolene *cough* Blalock *cough* rox0rs