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    Colin Angus Mackay wrote:
    BloomingVision wrote:
    Blame it on the rise of the Mort. They are slowing dragging our industry down. Personally, I toss resumes with Certifications and too much experience in a single facet of a technology such as ASP/ASP.NET or VB. Then in the face to face, ask them to implement a basic linked list in C using pointer arithmetic. That will instantly divide the field. Sometimes you need mort but, I think when that happens it's a sign of mistakes in management. Management ability is inversely proportional to the number of morts on a team IMO.  

    What is "mort"? The only thing I can think of is "death".

    Mort is one of three developer persona's created by Microsoft to better help capture and communicate the Visual Studio/Platform target market's. Mort is basically someone who does not have a fully developed understanding of Computer Science concepts (i.e. Algorithms and Data Structures 101). Personally, the mort's I have dealt with seem to have a chip on their shoulder and harbor a degree of contempt for those that do have this knowledge. If you have an Einstein or Elvis (two other personas) working with Morts, they need to be  aware of this and change their vocabulary around a Mort, otherwise, you will have a swarm of angry morts on your hands. I.e: Use "the where" instead of "constraint" when discussing SQL code. Avoid too much OO terms such as polymorphism, etc.