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View Thread: Nabbing Scott Guthrie
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    Is he *that* smart? Obviously I've only seen him on C9 and know that you probably dont get to that kind of a role in MS with only a collection of good one liners and a smile like you might in say... the mortgage industry. But, the idea that he is such a solid and consistent source of good ideas while many other MS'rs might not be or that his proportional weight to his colleagues is so signifigant is... disturbing? Is he human? Alien? a first and experimental incarnation of Singularity? Did he tap the noosphere?

    Would it be possible for MSR to quantify each employees 'smarts' and present it in a nice dynamic WPF/Silverlight Tree-Map? That would be 'hot'. Smiley And be a nice way for all those on the 'outside' to really see just how smart he is. And... how brightly the glow is going to be in the doorway cracks from Rory's closet (better get some good electrical tape buddy)