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View Thread: Vista 9 months in - PC Mag Editor "throws in the towel"
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    Chinmay007 wrote:
    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Although I prefer Linux these days, I don't see too many issues with Windows Vista on my laptop. Vista's security is very impressive and better than the average Linux distro. The GUI/shell is richer than XP as well, though thats more of my personal opinion.

    I think people just like to complain about things, especially when its about a flagship product from a large company and guaranteed to increase page hits.

    The thing is, I as many others, don't see any compelling reason to upgrade to Vista. Same thing happened with Windows 2000 though versus XP, but since many many people were upgrading from Windows ME to Windows XP, it (seemed) to catch on much faster. Basically Windows XP is a great OS. It's not a Windows ME. And most people are using it. So while Windows ME to Windows XP was a major improvement in stability and functionality, and certain performence (yes XP booted faster then ME for me), Windows XP -> Windows Vista is not.

    Win-2K is NT-5.0
    Win-XP is NT-5.1

    With Win-XP, Microsoft fixed the problems and the missing features of Win-2K and came up with a polished product, that pretty much does what is says on the box (albeit those features are a bit dated now).

    Rather than waiting for NT-7.0... I believe that MS should be focusing on an NT-6.1 release... i.e. doing an "XP" to Vista... and get the current release nailed before charging off on another major release.