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FNGs at Microsoft get a corridor office with no windows or natural light. And according to the Internets, you'll be on ~$60,000

Perfect for you then. Apply; and beat them until they support multiple domains and catch all addresses easily.

  • And "Notes" in Outlook Web Access.
  • Removing "DoPostBack" from Outlook Mobile Access and make it all Request Resource-based
  • Making Outlook Web Access Lite not suck when it comes to compliance with the W3C specs
    • "To the spirit" too, so let's ditch the non-datatables, mmm'key?

Notes are in OWA, at least they are on my 2007 mailbox.

As for the other points - who cares, really. No, really. There are 100's of millions of Exchange users, pretty of much all of whom just want to send email and receive it.