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    markpr wrote:
    Check out this site written by developers for developers:

    Before I realised this was a Microsoft website, I flagged this post as spam.

    Mark, we've never seen you around here before, so it helps to have a little introduction about who you are and why you're posting this link (which isn't even a link, it's just some text). Otherwise people will assume you're a spammer (as I did).

    EDIT: And now for my critique of the site.

    Why did Microsoft hire (what looks like) The Gorillaz design team to come up with a campaign to get new hires for the Exchange team? No matter how you dress it up, sitting at a desk writing backend software that no-one really sees can never be "hip".

    Just a simple webpage saying "We need more meat for the ginder. Submit your resumé to this email address" would suffice, and would get the point accross without a 5-digit website design contract and Flash-based page maze. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was going on.