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View Thread: WMP sucks. Winamp rocks.
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    mig wrote:
    BlueFirehawk02 wrote:
    mig wrote:
    BlueFirehawk02 wrote:
    "I'll stick to Foobar2000" lol, now that's a GUI

    Heh, you should actually check it out before you start critiquing... this is just ONE of MANY potential GUIs Click. Here is another, however I personally prefer ColumnsUI.

    Just because the default GUI is plain doesn't mean it's not a great audio player, mind you its features range far beyond the GUI (as the screenshot I sent you illustrates by demonstrating that it has great extensibility support).

    Finally, the Foobar Gallery thread.

    My Bad, I thought I had detected sarcasm. Skinned, it does look a lot better. Personally, I have winamp installed on my pc for shoutcast. It is pretty extensible, but I have grown to enjoy the media sharing and library features of WinMP 11. I love the fact I can share media throughout the house periferals including my xbox360.

    Yeah I wasn't sure if you were being sarcastic either. I use Shoutcast through Foobar2000 (it really does a TON of things, and what it doesn't do you can usually write yourself as a plug-in).  But I will concede that WMP11's media library is very impressive, and the media sharing capabilities are also to be envied.

    I guess the only media player I have no use for is Winamp, Foobar2000 and WMP11 are vastly superior each in their own way.  I can even use Winamp visualizations (Milkdrop, and a few others) from Foobar

    Def. will take a look. I also recall the Media sharing services in WMP11 as being a seperate download before WinMP 11 came out... so maybe if someone really hated WMP they could find that download in the "Microsoft Attic" and remove WMP... There are also other tools available (TVersity comes to mind) that will host a slew of media for consumption by WMP and other media devices like XBOX360.