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View Thread: will "ringing" phones become obsolete?
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    W3bbo wrote:
    Soviut wrote:
    Junk food for thought.

    Crass consumers will happily be taken up the tailpipe by their phone service providers when it comes to downloading the latest fad ringtones and wallpapers from Jamba/Jamster.

    The rest of us, the discerning percentile of the human race, just use the default.

    But FWIW, I modified my phone so it plays an assortment of torture sounds and screams when an incoming calls gets in; "New mail has arrived" in a demonic voice when I get new SMS or Email, and the "Posses" sound for notifications. Straight from the "Dungeon Keeper - Windows 95 Plus! Themepack"

    Anyone else have a nostalgia for mid/late 90s games and their obligatory desktop themes? Microsoft should bring them back.

    i too must quote "junkfood for thought"

    cool... must write song...