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View Thread: will "ringing" phones become obsolete?
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    Soviut wrote:
    I work at an animation studio.  I'm one of about 2 and a half developers in a company of 100 people or so.  We don't get many calls, people usually just walk over and ask us questions or give us requests.

    So when the phone rang just now I joked out loud "what the hell was that?!  Did you guys hear something?  It sounded like some kind of ringtone".

    It got me wondering.  With all the new music ringtones and different tone sequences that cells have today, is the traditional "ring" going to become obsolete.  I mean, I already kind of associate a phone call with the default Nokia ring now.

    Junk food for thought.

    my house is rings and beeps free since 2004 (poliphonic rings on all mobiles and cordless) :O