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View Thread: Will there be a VS2008 RC1
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    I most certainly don't have anything on a list here that I'd like or am lobbying for as regards to features.  I think I'm on the same page as has been noted in this thread that Beta2 was pretty well wrapped up in the features department.

    I only want an RC because I'm lazy and depend on folks that actually are using it to report bugs.  I'm making a very limited assumption that the more pre-RTM builds the less need for service packs later.

    And I'm basing all of this around the fact that VS2003 had a very LATE service pack and VS2005 had a HUGE one.

    Plus, I get annoyed when people zing MS after release saying they could have done more ahead of the release and it looks like they have time to do something about that here.  Not that I really know their schedules, etc.