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View Thread: Vista language packs have disappeared
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    tayland wrote:
    Hey, I have the same problem.
    Did anybody or microsoft solve this problem?
    English language package didn't work?
    I could't instal it regulary, but I could install any other language?
    I need english MUIs ?

    jimmypoulin did you solve it?

    This is a very frustrating problem that is happening in Windows Vista Ultimate. The English language pack is not installing and consequently other functionalities, such as the "dreamscene" will not work.

    I believe that the 64bits English version of the language pack is corrupted. The 32bits version is probably not working too.

    I read many people complaining about that all over the internet and no feedback from Microsoft. I went to my store and their technicians and engineers are not allowed to do anything even if they would like to help.  They could only advise to quite using Microsoft products.

    I spent many hours, several nights, trying to install there English language pack it but it is still not working.

    I reformatted my drive and re-installed my Vista Ultimate and tried to install it again and again but it's not working.

    I also tried to install the last standalone English language pack and it's not working.

    Right now I only feel that Microsoft is a monopoly and they simply  don't care about the none English version of Vista.

    This all happened a few days ago after Microsoft "accidentally" removed validation access to all people who had a genuine copy of Windows.

    It was probably planned to test people reaction.

    I will give up trying to install these bonus or language packs from the ultimate version of vista otherwise it will ruin my health.

    I guess they simply decided to removed it from us. Microsoft got the upper hand and is making fun with us. We can only denounce this situation all over the Internet but there is no result so far. This is very frustrating.